Albion Online: Update Cador And More

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Update Cador was played on the test servers of Albion Online as well as brings besides new dungeons also a lot of improvements such as mobile repair kits, adjustments for the user interface or a revised death mechanics. Anyway, it's said to that avid players have been decide to buy cheap albion online gold



Developer Sandbox Interactive is continuing to use Albion Online's extensive closed beta metaphase to keep up with new improvements to the test servers. So now the update Cador was played on the Realms and thus also lots of improvements. The highlights of the patch are summarized below.


Mobile Repair Kits

With the mobile repair kits, you can bring your clothes and weapons to the front man anywhere in the world. You have to have a part only in the bag and set up, it goes off, the repair Lutzi.  Until now many of players have been trying their best to obtain more cheap albion online silver


New Death Mechanics

One of the most important changes for the gameplay is the revised death mechanics, according to the developers. If you are defeated by an opponent, this one will only be put down and not killed immediately. You have to wait until the opponent gives you the rest, a friend lives up again, or your hit points have regenerated so much that you come out of your own strength.


Dungeons "Shanties" And "Mine"

Explore two new heresies with "Shanties" and "Mine". These use the new "gate" system, which allows you to enter the same dungeon from different areas. In the dungeons, you'll find lots of monsters, the bosses Stooge and Gibson, as well as solo goals, to help you face challenging single-player challenges.


Armor Overwork And New Spells

With Cador the armor is re-categorized. Depending on the material of your outfit, you will now have light (for "fabric"), medium (for "leather"), or heavy (for "plate") armor. Each category will also have three other types that are specifically tailored to the different game modes (such as the very stable shielding of the protector or the light vest of the assassin). In addition, the developers have implemented 15 new spells into the game. Since Albion Online is so popularity, It's no surprise that cheap albion online silver for sale.