Albion Online: Update Cador Revises The Armor System

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For the beta version of Albion Online, the big update Cador has been published, regarding the sandbox online role playing game, it's expanded with heretics as well as correspondingly thematically oriented dungeons. It is an incredible feeling that players have been considerably buying cheap albion online gold



In the dungeons, low-level single players and small groups of challenging PvE- Adventure adventures to get used to life as an adventurer, as well as the new 'gateway' system that allows players to enter the same dungeon from different areas, where a gatekeeper is waiting for all adventurers".


In addition to 25 new spells / abilities, a portable repair station and various improvements to the user interface the armor system is reworked and simplified. 


"Depending on the material of your armor, you will now have a light (for 'fabric'), medium (for 'leather'), or heavy (for 'plate') armor class (Eg the very stable plate of the protector or the leatherjacket of the mercenary), thereby eliminating the confusion of the old system without sacrificing the usual variety. "


Death mechanics were also changed. Instead of dying instantly when all the Hitpoints are lost, the character 'only' is drawn down. In the downstretched state, the hitpoints are slowly restored, and the opponent (whether player or monster) must then execute the final death blow from close.


A whole new strategic element in the PVP was offered by this new mechanic, due to death as well as resurrections are portion of the strategy in larger battles, and allowing PVE groups in dungeons to continue, even if a players is downstretched as long as the remaining combatants survive the fight. It is necessary to buy albion online silver immediately.