Blizzard are working on improvements

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this is what makes people stop playing. 7-8 hours of play without a Leg drop and then last nihgt get an echoing fury worth NOTHING!

plz blizzard how about this?

They are working on improvements. For example, they are looking to allow all legendries of all levels appear at higher levels than many of them do now appear. We're talking about legendries that you may find around level 10 even. This may be a way of allowing more legendries to drop at 60.diablo 3 gold.

But honestly, it would be good if you accepted simple probability. Blizzard cannot program the game to where the probability for a legendary item to drop increases as you play. Probability is just that. It may happen. Try copying these numbers below into Notepad++ or maybe MS Word where you might get a count of how many times a certain number appears. This was generated in Wolfram|Alpha using RandomInteger[{1, 100}, 1000], which generated 1000 random guesses between 1 and 100.

1 only appears 9 times. 10 is the expected number of times it should show. 2 appears 11 times. 89 appears ... 16 times! Well over 10 times expected. 12 occurs 4 times while 100 occurs 10 times.

Use this in your search to be specific.17,That way it finds 16 in commas alone and not within another number.

The point of this is to say that legendries have a certain low probability of appearing which is slightly increased by magic find. The game cannot swear for you that a 1% drop chance will occur ever 100 times a roll is made for it to drop. It will drop when it drops.