Blizzard probably thought shields would make a come back with MP

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Shields haven't been updated yet to reflect all the changes to Inferno. As Inferno got weaker and players got stronger (by finding better and better gear), shields inevitably got weaker as their purpose is to give you a boost in survivability with a trade off in damage. Damage became better and better thanks to "luxury" stats on gear such as life on hit.

"Good gear" back in the days of shields were core stat/vit/all res, anything else such as life on hit, life regeneration, crit chance, crit damage, life %, ect. were considered luxuries and not "necessary." You would spend millions on something with only core stat/vit/all res, whereas now you'll probably spend about 300k for it because people only value gear with all the "luxury" stats. diablo 3 gold. Those "luxury" stats are now required (on top of the old required stats) to do higher MPs, which didn't exist back in the days of shields.

Blizzard probably thought shields would make a come back with MP, but they didn't thanks to the luxury stats being as common as they are now since the game has been out longer and gear has become better and better as such, especially with the introduction of Paragon levels and MP boosting your Magic Find way up so that you find legendaries and sets like candy. Not to mention Archon gear crafting.

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As such, shields will likely get a change in the future so that they're built around our current meta of tons of damage and life on hit/life steal, and for higher MPs.

Back in those days, there were no Barbs without shields and Frenzy was by far the superior way to go. Fury was worthless, and no one used Whirlwind, Into the Fray or Thrive on Chaos. The game has changed much, and shields missed those changes.