Blizzard will focus on the rationality of the multiplayer game

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Notice from the 1.08 patch, Blizzard will focus on the rationality of the multiplayer game. Most players will choose single player, because this efficient sometimes safer, and there is no objective conditions will stimulate the players have the choice of targeted multiplayer games. The new multiplayer improvements Bowen multiplayer game experience that will enhance access and reduce the monster blood, will also enhance the MF and GF. Are you looking forward to these changes and participate in multiplayer games?

Diablo 3, there are 10 million kill the devil. You can be the devil lured into the trap set, or Arcane Power ashes, or mercilessly crushed the skull, or fist stuffed in their face, and even summon a group of lovely minions to help you solve these dirty work (if you can control them, then). After selecting a career, you can also choose to be alone to fight these enemies, or with friends, or select those the strange Niefaleimu never met as your comrades. Diablo 3 Gold.

Because the theme of our recent developer log focused on the improvement of the upcoming multiplayer games (also because in the past we have done a survey of your favorite occupation "), this week's vote, we want to know your most What is the favorite game: Play alone, only games with friends, or public games?