Blizzard Will Publish a Custom Diablo 3 Gold Arena

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Battle Arenas were unveiled at Blizzcon 2010. They are a specialized game type in which players can engage in PvP combat in a controlled, regulated environment.Arenas exist solely for PvP play, generally in 2v2 or 3v3 teams. They are not part of the normal PvM game and there are no monsters or items to find in the Arenas. (Though these are possible additions for future Arena game modes.) There are no NPC merchants in Arena games.

The developers have repeatedly stressed that the PvP and PvM games are entirely separate in Diablo III, and that if any skills need to be tweaked to make Arena more competitive, this will not affect the same skill in the PvM game.

Steve Bikun, A community of a server programmer. We are really excited about the Diablo 3 Gold custome arena, because of it gives the players too much authority. Since have the custom arena, players could design their own arena freely, and you can organize tournament and challenge other team’s arena. This is just a test version; we have limited the number of participants. After the end of the test, we will publish a custom Arena. All players can buy custom Arena through suite Gem Mall. You can also get a custom Arena time booty, you can increase your own custom arena lease time, or you can gain someone else's custom arena to increase time.

Through the spectator mode, our goal is to allow you to watch a game, and to learn from other players in the arena spectator mode. For the new players, spectator mode would be the best way to learn, and also allow the high-end players to learn from each other to improve technology. It is the best tools between the high-level team the game.
We will test custom arena open spectator mode. Anyone can use the spectator mode for the game that will affect the ladder Top, for some reason, we do not allow players to be viewed directly.

The first one is cheating; we hope that the entire race is fairer. Another reason is that in order to live pvp better development of the community. Later, we will choose to live to join the race for the spectators, we will allow them to fully understand the actions of the members of the high-end of our ladder. This will also allow players to better learn about the top players play, because live will explain the skills and tactics to use in top-level competitions.

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This also means that new players can in hotjoin or customize Arena slowly spectators to see the other players play, and then once they are ready to join the game!