Blizzard would build this ladder system in Diablo III

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Full of expectation! At present,Diablo 3 has three modes to satisfy the different player's requirement. SC and HC can content the demand of players who like to play against the game, PVP mode apply to the players who enjoy playing against each other. Of course, to add the ladder system would enrich the game and attract more players addict to the game.

Thus far Blizzard has made no mention of any desire to create a ladder system in Diablo 3 gold.And rightfully so as there are many other issues with the game which should be addressed before a ladder should even be considered. As always the biggest advocates for a fresh start are new, or more casual players who begin the realize the massive investment required to catch up with high-end D3 players.The fact is the vast majority of these people will be just as far behind a month after a new ladder beings at which time they will once again begin clamoring for another reset.

Of course there are many players who desire the competition of a ladder reset, there was a massive amount of players racing to be the first level 100 when the new paragon system came out. Many of these players would love to bring out their min/maxed farming runs in order to once again top the ladder charts. However these players make up only a small minority of the Diablo 3 player-base, and Blizzard will always cater more to the majority.

Recently, the Diablo 3 ladder support post has collected most of player attention to discuss the viewpoint of adding the new system. There are lots of players quite agree with this opinion and contribute constructive ideas to Blizzard. There is no doubt that post would attract the attention of Blizzard, and the community manager responded instantly. Meanwhile, the manager reviews the Wyatttalking about the ladder on anniversary stream.As follow, this is the simply interpretation of Diablo 3 ladders.

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Wait and See. How did Blizzard would build this ladder system in Diablo III? Does this new system same to the Diablo II or similar to the Path of Exile?As for this idea,Blizzard never responds it clearly. How is the attitude of developer? Blizzard always broke their promise and let widely players waiting for the new change. Now, what we can do just waiting for it!