Demons in the eyes of Diablo 3 Players

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1. Perfectionists.

Kind of curious about this with all of the builds revolving around trying to get 100% SS uptime. Is perfectionist ever better than sharpshooter or archery? I'm wondering if you can get to a certain chance to crit % that it becomes better reducing the cost of SS as you will already be landing crits without it charging up?

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Ok, I believe that someone is not perfect, but perfect is really perfect. 10% of the total resistance, armor, and HP, it makes you more EHP abruptly that piece out. Save these attributes also reduces the many with the difficulty of the above.

2. The force of shadow.

Gloom is the biggest crutch in the game for any class. No other class if FORCED to take a skill and then also take up support passives that allow you to spam this ability to stay alive..35% damage reduction and 15% life steal all shadow force is at the heart of Demons skills. No matter what you what genre, style, basically without shadow power waste in half. He is also our implementation skills standing pile, just take this ability compared with other professions to jilt explosion they a few streets!

3. The arrow.

If I recall correctly in Diablo 1 the bow could fire without the use of arrows but in Diablo 2 you need to purchase or pick up arrows to use it. In WoW hunter used to have to buy arrows but not any more. In Diablo 3 gold, do you have to buy/carry arrows?High dexterity, high strength, high speed, high critical strike chance with skill bonus, dw will be less people playing is not without reason. Arrow barrels lowered with the above requirements, let the Demons in other armor above can strive for more properties.

Conclusion:His whole also opened three Demons, don't give up the pleasure. Official in 1.08 is just the beginning, I hope in the future versions could face up to the disadvantage of Demons and reinforcing.