Diablo 3 Playstation 3 E3 version

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Some more footage of the Diablo 3 Playstation 3 version courtesy of Gametrailers.Blizzard Entertainment is bringing the PC hit to PS3 and the upcoming PS4 as part of a strategic partnership with Sony.

As some of you have already pointed out, the console versions of Diablo 3 will not have a Diablo 3 gold auction house or real money auction house. You're still able to trade with other players in game, though.

There won't be one in the game itself but there will be elsewhere. Just look at the how active trades are on the forum here, and that's just to avoid the 15% AH cut. In addition to online multiplayer, the console version will feature four-player split-screen co-operative play and an optimised user interface.It will also feature a dynamic camera, customised controls and all PC content released through updates. Other new features include Paragon levels, the Infernal Machine event, Monster Power, Brawling and more.

Blizzard is yet to confirm the game for other consoles, such as Microsoft's rumored Xbox 720 and the Nintendo Wii U.

Real money trading probably will happen through 3rd parties but that isn't the issue. If Blizzard is no longer trying to squeeze players for AH micro payments they might actually adjust the ridiculous drop-rates for items to more fun levels.

They already have, 4 times. Gear that can farm MP10 can be bought for less than a dollar, meaning it's extremely common.

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It's going to be extremely satisfying to see all the crying about the terrible drop rates on the playstation version when people realize the AH wasn't the problem. It'll take you a little longer to hit the "nothing good ever drops" phase, but you'll get there plenty fast.