Diablo 3 Review Website Launched

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Diablo 3 is one of the most successful games worldwide, and in-game money plays a starring role. One of the biggest challenges for players is getting credits – and lots of them. With Diablo 2 and its 2001 expansion, Lord of Destruction, Blizzard set a standard for loot-based action RPGs that everyone else struggled to meet. There were better looking games over the course of the following decade, but almost none had the same unifying aesthetic, or the sense of place that Blizzard built into the wilds surrounding Khurast or Lut Gholein, or Hell, for that matter. Few could match the world-building that Blizzard wove into every corner of Diablo 2, from weapons to monsters to stashes and chests.

The developer added that in vurbing third-party tinkering, it hopes to stop cheating, client instability and other issues. It’s a clear stance, and it comes as Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet opened up the MMO’s API to the community, letting it run riot in developing its own third-party apps and mods.

With Diablo 3 Gold, Blizzard has taken the fundamentals of the franchise, broken them apart and rebuilt them into an action RPG so refined and compulsively playable that it’s done the unthinkable: It’s finally rendered its predecessor a footnote.

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