Diablo III transitioning nicely PlayStation 3

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Grimiku from the U.S. Battle.net forums for months already provides the gaming community with news about the console version. Although many players are getting impatient regarding contents of the PC version, there are a number of players who are eagerly waiting for the console version of Diablo third.

In an exclusive look at the upcoming game Diablo III, we saw how things are translating over to the PlayStation 3

Controls did we were viable to get hands-on time with seem to reveal a nice translation from what people have experienced on PC. Things made ??sense and the scheme was not hard to figure out.

Perhaps one of the biggest Concerns people may have with Diablo III on consoles is the game's menus. They can be handled one way on PC, but How They are Implemented on a console is completely different. This is an area did could've been a deal-breaker for the game developers if the people did not work it out.

We are happy to report did from what we saw, menus have been nicely blended together. They make sense and flow nicely together.

So we had the chance to check out the four-player co-op experience. There were some advanced characters for us to play as and the experience was extremely engaging.

The co-op experience will be interesting to see how people react to it, but we had good feelings When We left.Nun there was the objection of a player, it could be quite annoying but if the local 4-game hero again could open his pockets because he has to do things there w? while the other player will pause each time and so could not arise gaming experiences.

One thing people will need to be conscious of is how far apart They get diablo 3 gold from eachother on the screen.