I always feel that the first game has a spookier feeling

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D1 has a BM of desolate and horror when loading from one scene to another; realtime loading in D2 and D3 doesn't make that feeling.And D1 has a grim difficulty to rookie players; town portal costs and narrow terrain makes battle harder, just like death surrounded when playing.

Comparing D2 and D3 to D1, I always feel that the first game has a spookier feeling... more grim, uncomfortable, darker. And now after playing D3 I have been thinking on what makes D1 so dark in comparison:

First off, D1 is the original game, with the original story. When you played the game for the first time, you had no idea what was coming for you. There had been no expansion of the lore (no botchery!)

- D1 is set in a single, descending dungeon (Dante´s Inferno anyone). Diablo 3 Gold. The scenery is DARK! It´s like walking in a creepy house with just a tiny candle in your hand. Dark cathedral (churches are scary at night), dark catacombs, dark caves. No sunny deserts or glittering palaces.

- The town of Tristram was in a state of fear. Despite the sturdiness of Griswold and Ogden, the fear of the people was ever present. And it was always nightfall. No jolly merchants.

- The narrator for the Lore Books in the dungeon had a really creepy voice! "All hail and praise to Diablo..." !!! If you had not read the manual you had no idea of the setting events, and this scary SOB-voice actor informed you with a voice that cut through your spine.

- Something that occured to me recently after enduring the story of D3: In D1 there were no plot devices. No mcguffins. No horadric staves or ancient-must-have-for-unlocking-Diablos-eight part-inner vault chamber etc... The quest was simple: Go down the dungeon and kill the Lord of Hell! Do some sidequests for XP, weapons and money on the way down. But you didn´t have to, you could walk straight down and kill the spaniard (^^) right away if you liked.