Monk PVP Skill Build Recommendation:

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1.Strong Survival skill
The Near death experience absolutely is the most important skill to save life in the emergency for Monk. The 35% maximum life and 35% spirit regenerated how can we refuse it?

2.Mobility and Dexterity
The Tempest Rush not only reduces the enemy movement speed, but also it would increase the movement speed by 25%! Meanwhile, the Seven-sided Strike extremely fast attack would make the Witch Doctor can’t hit back.

3.High Critical Hit Chance
As we all know, the damage of Wave of Light is the excellent skill for Monk. The highly explosive and high DPS is amazing! The kinds of skill which recovery spirit can support you release Wave of Light always.


For my personal viewpoint, Monk is the strongest character in the PVP. Not only for the fast movement speed, but also the high DPS of terrible Wave of Light as well as Sevensided Strike that would attack you can’t fight back. Of course, the Witch Doctor has increased the Firebats in new patch is a considerable threat.

Inferno isn’t easy as a melee class, but the Monk’s got a lot of awesome tools to keep himself safe. Your two attacks are both spirit generators—Deadly Reach and Crippling Wave—runed to debuff your attacker’s damage and boost your armor. Swap back and forth between both of these attacks habitually as you fight so that you always maintain both buffs at all times. Serentity is your go-to defensive ability for it’s low Spirit cost and runed healing. With a different build, large packs of enemies charging at you is a guaranteed death in Inferno.

Here, Breath of Heaven and Blinding Flash are runed to give you the CC, healing, and burst firepower you need to burn down packs before they can mob you. Having high resistances is absolutely vital in Inferno, and Mantra of Healing (runed for 20% all resistances) and your One with Everything passive ensures you can take a hit–I’d still recommend equipping a shield though. Sieze the Initiative is a passive armor bonus and the Transcendence passive will give your most regular healing.