One affix per monster in Diablo 3

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Desecrator:Desecrator monsters conjure burning pools of hellfire beneath your feet. These pools surge after a few seconds, dealing immense damage if you don’t move quickly to avoid them.
Electrified:Electrified monsters release bolts of electricity when struck, causing lightning damage on contact.
Frozen:Frozen monsters fill the air around them with exploding ice crystals. These explosions deal cold damage, slow, and freeze heroes caught in their blast radius.
Illusionist:Illusionist monsters create duplicates of themselves; these duplicates can deal damage while obscuring your true target.
Jailer:Monsters with the jailer affix can temporarily immobilize you. You are vulnerable to attack while immobilized, but you can escape by using certain defensive skills.
Knockback:Successful hits from monsters with knockback send you flying away from them, interrupting your attack and slowing your movement.
Missile Dampening:Missile dampening monsters project an aura that slows your incoming projectiles, making ranged attacks less effective.
Molten:Molten monsters trail burning lava wherever they walk. Shortly after they die, their bodies explode into high-damage gouts of fire.
Mortar:Monsters with the mortar affix lob volatile globes of fire that can deal extreme damage to you at range. Move close to avoid their attacks.
Nightmarish:Successful attacks from nightmarish monsters can cause you to lose control of your character and flee for a few seconds.
Plagued:Plagued monsters leave toxic puddles in their footsteps. Standing in these puddles – even to attack the plagued – will deal increasing amounts of poison damage.
Reflect Damage:Monsters with this affix deal a portion of the damage they take back to their attackers.
Shielding:Shielding monsters can conjure a temporary magic shield that makes them immune to damage.

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Teleporter:Monsters with the teleporter affix can disappear and reappear in different locations on the screen at will, both to make surprise attacks and to escape.

Vortex:Monsters with the vortex affix can pull you towards them, interrupting your attacks and keeping you dangerously close.
Waller:Monsters with the waller affix create walls that can trap you or block your path to the monster summoning them. Summoned walls will vanish after a few seconds – if you can afford to wait.