Reels usually use special ink parchment and magic

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Reels usually use special ink parchment and magic, this magic reel provides users with the ability of an instrument of magic. Cast the magic consumed reel all the magic and the parchment immediately turned to ashes.

Diablo series has always been the presence of the reel, Diablo 1, in addition to the traditional identification and return to the city, and there are spells to cast through the reel. Diablo 2 canceled this set a retaining only the identification and return to the city. Diablo 3 Gold.

Diablo 3 (identification scrolls and scroll back to the city), in addition to the original two reels, also adds a new kind of reel. Small reel (Scroll) and can be stacked, they are single-use items, and various types of effects can be provided within a limited duration. "World of Warcraft" has a similar reel, buff (more attributes and armor) can last 30-60 minutes range. These reels have different grades, but their level unlike pharmaceutical as expressed with digital, but with an adjective. Use adjectives to describe better reflect the effect of the pros and cons and the duration.