Shrine should instead give random effects like summoning a goblin

diablo3goldstore Date: Apr/19/13 14:13:16 Views: 789

Why not make these buffs into globes instead? Then add an item affix that extends the duration of the globes. Shrine should instead give random effects like summoning a goblin, or resetting all the chests in the level.

Here is my suggestion:

Enlightened: You gain 500% increased experience for 2 minutes.

Frenzied: Your attack speed increases by 75% for 2 minutes.

Blessed: You reduce all incoming damage by 50%. for 2 minutes

Fortune: You gain 500% increased magic and gold find rate for 2 minutes.

Empowered: You have 100% increased resource gain, and 100% reduced cooldown time for 2 minutes.

Fleeting: You gain 75% increased movement speed and increase your pickup radius by 20 yards. Cheap Diablo 3 Gold.

Gem Shrine: Has a chance to drop a random gem (excluding high end gems) F.ex: Normal: max: flawless; Nightmare: max square; Hell: max perfect square; Inferno: max star

Monster shrine: spawn a special (purple named) boss with special loot drop

Portal shrine: opens a portal to a hidden smaller area with a resplendent chest and unique boss.

Angelic shrine: summons a light from the high heavens and destroys every enemy within 30 yards.