The BN platform bring a variety of exciting new user experience in Diablo 3

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Every character is not the same, everyone has their own preferences, the resulting in setting game characters, each choice is not the same.You should find aplace to Buy Diablo 3 gold, in order to achieve your goals as soon as possible.

The game will support five different occupations.Each job can select the role of gender, from the existing career have mastered some cases, intensive direction of the various occupational group attack skills.Similar to the witch doctor's new career brought us unprecedented gaming experience.

Diablo 3, we redesigned and given occupations (such as barbarians) from before the new skills and experience.New customization options will enable individual color of the protagonist of the game reached its peak, the player was able to create a powerful unique role Diablo God, the new engine will create a gorgeous screen 3D effect, the players and the army of monsters vivid. Effects systems and Havok-driven technology will bring hell Possessed visual effects.

In addition, Diablo God also before the foundation to strengthen the random scenes, there will be many way prewritten random events in the course of the game. The endless stream of tasks, NPC, the accidental encounter new monsters and challenges and the king's experience will allow players to cope with.

Diablo 3 scenes have a strong interaction, including the ability to deal with the enemy instead of destructive elements and scenes barriers. Diablo 3 will be upgraded BN platform for the players to bring a variety of exciting new user experience. Co-operations will continue to be the main form of enhanced multi-user system will make it easier contact between players, jointly combat more interesting.

You can create a hardcore character from the character creation page after reaching level 10 with any Diablo III hero. Hardcore characters begin playing Diablo III at Normal difficulty and advance through subsequent difficulties just like normal characters. They differ from normal characters in one crucial area, though:

If your hardcore character dies,that character is permanently dead. They will never be playable again. There is only one way to successfully play a hardcore character: don’t die.

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Hardcore characters have access to the hardcore-specific gold auction house, but are unable to purchase items from or sell items to non-hardcore characters. They cannot use the real money auction house. Hardcore characters can only share the items in their stash with other hardcore characters on your account.Hardcore characters are not recommended for the faint of heart.