The legendary powers that define heroes in Diablo 3

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Skills are the legendary powers that define heroes: the ground-shaking strikes, waves of flame, and frightful invocations that flash across the battlefield, scattering groups of minor demons and wracking Hell’s most murderous lieutenants with pain.

Each class has its own unique skills, specialized to complement that class’s particular talents. For example, the Barbarian can use the Whirlwind skill to spin in an arc and attack all adjacent enemies at one time, perfect for taking on an entire group of monsters and smashing them into gory paste.

Most skills are powered by your class resource, a limited reserve of strength, like your Life, that depletes as you use your most powerful attacks and abilities. You can keep your eye on that resource—and, by extension, how much power you have left to use your abilities—by glancing at the colored globe opposite your Life, in the lower right of your screen.

All classes possess their own unique resource. You can find out more about them on the appropriate class pages.

To get the most use out of your skills, you should place them in your action bar. You can do this by opening your Skills menu (default key “S”) and clicking on the skills you’d like to use. Your skills will be automatically assigned to a number key on your keyboard or a button on your mouse.

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You can use any skill in your action bar by clicking on the icon or by pressing the corresponding number key or mouse button. To target a monster with an attack skill, make sure it’s highlighted, then press the key or mouse button that corresponds to the skill you want to use.

If you’re successful, the foe you’ve set your sights on should melt away into a ruin of smoking flesh and burnt blood. Well done.