The official encouragement submit Diablo 3 legendary equipment creative

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Diablo 3 legendary equipment creative.

Voodoo mask; Blizzard developers log: equipment system upgrade that legendary equipment will increase in the future, and some examples are given: one to a pet injury set of barbarians suit, the effect is to make the ancestors calling summon the ancient barbarians continued existence until their deaths; player can also call the the two hydra magician adder; "nothingness" of a pair can freely cross the monster boots. Although still not sure whether the equipment in the future will really join the game, but a lot of players get inspiration, show a lot of their own design legend equipment.Diablo 3 Gold.

I know everyone in the discussion the equipment upgrade things, but I think as a forum, we should also help the legendary items to enhance the contribution of our good ideas.

This post is intended to improve the the now legendary equipment, and to solicit the opinions and ideas of new legend or a suit. Please speak their minds, some of the legendary equipment of their own design, or improved on the original legendary equipment.