Unlike wrath of the berserker it doesnt grant complete CC immunity

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Unlike wrath of the berserker it doesnt grant complete CC immunity, or increase your offensive stats such as crit chance and what else WotB does. 

The core in archon is that if a player is well geared, then he should consider using archon because it's efficient with great gear. It scales well with your damage, aswell as your defences, and you have an unlimited arcane power pool. PROVIDED, you can keep the buff going.

Honestly, try to do mp 10 in gear that's too low for mp 10. such as 200k buffed dps with 5k armor and 400 allres, and pick up archon and kill stuff. you cant, ull die rather fast or wont kill fast enough. diablo 3 gold.

Archon as i said earlier, isnt like WotB where it allows lower geared barbs to increase the MP they can currently play by a few lvls. Quite the opposite, archon punishes you if you try to use it in an area or MP you cant handle. 

People don't want you to have fun? I honestly don't know what drives trolls.

Because any legit player from D2 wants to be able to grind and farm as efficiently as possible. Not find ways to nerf classes that they don't play, or in some cases it's someone that used the class they want nerfed, to build their account up. cheap diablo 3 gold.

Diablo isn't a never ending climb. You reach the top and then the real grind to find gear begins. All these kids that want nerfs need to go back to WoW already, or w/e other terrible game they were playing before this. 

Every class is a beast once fully geared with BIS items. But kids will keep trying to find a reason why they failed to build/play their class.