why are they account bound crafts

diablo3goldstore Date: May/18/13 16:01:49 Views: 809

For real, why are they account bound? Just spent millions and all vendor garbage. Spent 40mil on PTR and still nothing. They should remove account bound items so we could atleast sell/trade to actually get something from crafting. I simply don't get the logic between having to farm blue/rares and then turn around farm for blue/rares for gold to do a single craft.

As many times as this gets posted, I'll continue to defend it. It's very simple to understand. Many, many players want a reason to play and a sense of personal progress. They don't agree that the answer to upgrades is always (buy it off the AH or pray that you get that 1 out of a million drops that has the perfect alignment of stats).

I see two possible solutions to this:

1. My preferred solution was posted by a user on these boards. Each self-found item has a stat bonus of 10% for the finder, which is lost if traded.

2. Certain craftable items are account-bound.

I used to agree with posters like whoopadeedooda or whatever his name is that this is a "lazy fix," but it's not. It's true that this is lazy if this is the only answer to itemization. All you have to do is listen to the devs' recent stream to know that this is far from their "catch-all" solution.

The thing is, I cannot conceive of a way, beyond points 1 & 2 above, that you can otherwise have BOTH the AH and a sense of progression for those who don't want to use it. Without implementing either 1 or 2, no matter how marvelous the new loot system is, within a week, we'll be back to square one. Well, not quite, because loot will be a lot more rewarding. Still, people will immediately despise farming for hundreds of hours when a substantially better piece of gear can be had for two seconds worth of searching the AH.

That kills the desire to invest time into the game, and is bad for long-term sustainability. I prefer my point 1 by leaps and bounds, because great gear will still be great to trade, but will grant just a little bit of extra reward to the finder.