Why player got hooked on diablo 3

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What's good about Diablo 3?
1.It's fluency in combat is something to praise about. Combat is bloody and destructive, enemies are fairly detailed and nostalgic to Diablo 2. Killing enemies is definitely fun in Diablo 3, things going splat, or splurging blood, getting blown across the screen from a barbarian's strike.
2.The cut scenes are amazing.In between acts you're always given a full motion video cut scene of the characters.
3.All 5 classes bolster a different type of game play.Witch Doctors being the most unique, and the Demon Hunter resembling much like an Amazon from D2. Your Barbarian is a straight revisit to D2 with most skills seemingly familiar in a way.
4.Intense difficulty is something Diablo 3 gold has.

What's bad about Diablo 3? (I'm sorry folks but after 200 hours there's more bad than good at the time being.)
1.Weapons in Diablo 3 have no restrictions/differentiations except a handful of items.
2.Elemental effects are just gimmicks as flashy things for the player. Lightning will not fry water to cause steam burns or anything, fire will not get owned by water, and arcane type(or magic as some would say) have no bonus effect on anything alone.
3.Extremely linear game play. This is a big issue here coming from at least 5 years of development for the current version of D3.
4.Examples: Leaving town from Diablo 2 could be .. exit NorthEast or.. sometimes South East.. and rarely what the NorthWest?!?. However Diablo 3, My exit is always static from New Tristram; NorthEast and NorthWest both to same areas of their respective monsters they never switch.

Here are the top reasons why Diablo III is addictive and why avid gamers can’t get their hands off it:
Reason #1: Great Graphics and  Amazing Audio
With many years in the making, Diablo III was able to make the best of 3D technology as the sequel was rendered in stunning graphics. Be it the characters, the surroundings, or the gore, the makers of Diablo III were able to make it visually stunning as if straight from the silver screen, if not better.

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Reason #2: Rip-roaring Replays and Emotionally Exhilarating

While there were some who criticize how easy Diablo III can be finished, those who have explored every nook and cranny of the game enjoyed the adventures that awaited them. To fully appreciate the game, hardcore gamers discovered and rediscovered its wealth of paths and journeys, thus unravelling what will happen when all the moves have been done. And since mastering it requires practice, players burned hours leaving no stone unturned.

Reason #3: Superb Story
The thing that sets the Diablo franchise apart from many online games is its gripping story. This was proven by plenty of reviews made by gamers who exhausted all the fun they could get out of Diablo III.

Aside from the mentioned characteristics the game has, it also has a number of special features as if it can’t stop itself from being devilishly awesome.