You can customize your banner in Diablo 3

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Fighting your way through hordes of evil creatures will certainly give you something to crow about. To show off your accomplishments and your keen sense of composition, you can customize your banner, a visual representation of your deeds, with different patterns, sigils, colors, and more.

You can modify your banner from the character-selection interface immediately after logging in to Diablo III, or change it from within a town while in-game — just click on your banner to go to the customization menu.

From the customization menu, you can deck out your banner with a variety of shapes, patterns, sigils, accents, and colors by clicking on options on the right-hand side of the screen or choose a random coat of arms by hitting the "Random" button. Different emblems and shapes are tied to certain achievements; as you accomplish more, you’ll be able to tailor your banner in increasingly distinct ways.

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In public games, your banner will be visible to other players. It’ll remain in town while you venture out, and any member of your party who clicks on it will be able to teleport to you instantly. Make sure it looks good!