You should be sure to keep in mind the message of Diablo 3 Menu

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Options: You can tweak your Diablo III play experience to your specifications through the following submenus:

Video: Adjust your video settings to change resolution, display parameters, improve performance, and more.

Sound: Modify your sound settings, game volume, subtitles, and more.

Account: Choose your game language, which auction house you’d like to use, and more. The options available to you in this submenu are affected by the region of your account.

Social: Adjust options for your friends list, enabling notifications or blocking players you don’t want to chat with.

Gameplay: Modify information displayed in-game, from tooltips to damage numbers, and more.

Key Bindings: Change the functions of your keys from the default Diablo III key bindings.
Achievements: View a list of your accomplishments in Diablo III. More information on achievements can be found in the Playing With Friends section of this guide.

Customer Service: Get in touch with Blizzard Customer Service for help with an issue or to report a bug.

Open Game: Change your game into a publicly-accessible game that anyone can join. For information on public games, look to the Playing With Friends section.

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Leave Game: Leave your current game (your current progress will be saved) and return to the Main Menu.

Exit Diablo III: Close the Diablo III game client.

Return to Game: Close the game menu and return to the game you’re playing.