Your hero can wear or wield will come to you in droves in Diablo 3

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As you play through Diablo III, equipment—items that your hero can wear or wield—will come to you in droves. Every monster you slay has a chance to drop equipment; every container or corpse might conceal it. When you see an item on the ground, you can left-click on it to pick it up. It’ll glow brightly to signify that it deserves your attention, and its name will be visible, so you know what you’re grabbing.

Weapons like swords, bows, and wands affect your damage – how deadly your attacks against opponents are. The higher the number is, the more likely you are to gravely injure your enemies. As you improve your weapons, you’ll kill weaker foes more quickly and deal greater damage to even the most nightmarish invaders of Sanctuary. You can see your damage rating in the Attributes section of the Character menu (default key “C”).

When you find a new weapon, you can get an idea of how it compares to your current gear when you move your mouse over the weapon (you’ll see text that says "Stat Changes if Equipped").

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Armor like helms, shields, and suits of plate mail, affects your armor rating – how resistant you are to damage. The higher your armor rating, the less damage you’ll take from incoming attacks. As you improve your armor, you’ll not only look better protected – you’ll be able to shrug off attacks that, in the past, would have instantly killed you. You can see your armor rating in the Character menu (default key “C”).